Goodyear Aerospace radome panel 102790006 – 519

Goodyear Aerospace radome panel 102790006 – 519 one section of 1,646 which housed one of the antenna of RAF Fylingdales three BMEWS radar, this specific radome panel design was in service from 1963-1984.

The back of the radome panel shows the number sequence of the panel as 10, there were 15 of this specific shape for each of the radomes. Also on the back are text and image interpretation from previous heritage presentations held at RAF Fylingdales, the text panel and image show the radome on fire at BMEWS Site I, Thule Greenland in 1981.

Due to this event the radomes were updated with less flammable material, (the original panels were constructed of fibre glass, cardboard, paper and blue Hypalon paint) in 1984 RAF Fylingdales radomes were replaced with an aluminium structure clad with a tensioned Kelon plastic skin.


  • Index Number FA0193
  • Index Type Radome panel
  • Item Medium Fibreglass, cardboard, paper, Hypalon paint
  • Item Manufacturer Goodyear Aerospace
  • Item Date 1963
  • Item Description Goodyear Aerospace radome panel 102790006 - 519
  • Item Location Room 2, bay 4
  • Image Copyright Fylingdales Archive

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