RAF Fylingdales Radio Frequency Tunnel

Colour slide images, the first image shows Ministry of Public Works laying the foundations of RAF Fylingdales radio frequency tunnel. The radio frequency tunnel was built to allow access to the three radomes by vehicle without exposing the radars to electrical interference. The images show the completed tunnel used by staff, a van and exterior views which show the curve of the tunnel structure.

  • Index Number FA0245.08 / FA0245.09 / FA0246.05 / FA0246.11 / FA0246.13 / FA0246.14
  • Index Type Slide
  • Item Medium Colour
  • Item Manufacturer Dennis Wompra Studios Collection
  • Item Date 1962
  • Item Description RAF Fylingdales Radio Frequency Tunnel
  • Item Location Room 1, bay 5, shelf 2, box 245 / 246
  • Image Copyright Fylingdales Archive

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