The ‘Big Freeze’ January 1963

Colour slides and black and white photographs of the winter of 1962-63 known as the ‘Big Freeze’ colour slides taken at Ellerbeck Bridge and of RAF Fylingdales radome building 302. Black and white photos of cars stuck in snow drifts on the A169, members of staff and RAF moving supplies on sleds as staff were cut off from leaving the base and had to be airlifted out.

  • Index Number FA0246.02 / FA0246.04 / FA0246.35
  • Index Type Slide
  • Item Medium Colour
  • Item Manufacturer Dennis Wompra Studios Collection
  • Item Date 1963
  • Item Description The 'Big Freeze' 2 January 1963
  • Item Location Room 1, bay 5, shelf 2, box 246
  • Image Copyright Fylingdales Archive

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