Dennis Wompra Studios Collection 16mm film

This is one of four films donated to Fylingdales Archive, commissioned by RCA, it documents the progression of the BMEWS project on Fylingdales Moor. The film titled ‘progression No 5.’ with the annotation ‘16mm working copy, Lockton Road work print Fylingdales ‘beginning’.’

Filmed on 6 December 1960, the film would have been sent to the main partners of the project including RCA and UK MoD to show the progression of the groundworks at RAF Fylingdales. The film shows the sewage works for the site being built, landscaping and ground works for the base of the radomes and administration buildings.


Dennis Wompra Studios Collection, 16mm colour film, 11.44 mins.

  • Index Number FA0250
  • Index Type Film
  • Item Medium Colour Cine Film
  • Item Manufacturer Kodak
  • Item Date 1960
  • Item Description Dennis Wompra Studios Collection 16mm film
  • Item Location Room 1, bay 6, shelf 4, box 250
  • Image Copyright Fylingdales Archive

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