One Key Magic (OKM)

Worldly Noise and Electronic Atmospheres is the first album by OKM, released in 2021 by Cruel Nature Records the premise of the album was to make audible the radar operations of RAF Fylingdales.

The album of six tracks includes Watching and Listening (5.38) influenced by the Electronic Counter Counter Measures (ECCM) equipment at RAF Fylingdales (installed in 1964 until 1992), when it was feared Soviet trawlers in the North Sea could jam the three BMEWS tracker radars. OKM intended to use sound to make these encounters audible.

Millstone Hill (4.23) is a radar and predecessor to the tracker radars at the Haystack Observatory in Massachusetts, operated by MIT Lincoln Laboratories and one of the first radars to track Sputnik I in 1957. The sounds used in these tracks are based on transmission frequencies which are written in the operating manuals held in Fylingdales Archive.

While the track Moonbounce (6.42) uses the radar signatures from the Apollo Luna Module landing radars, which are featured in a special issue of RCA Engineer Magazine.

In this article for Inkstick Media, Michael Mulvihill writes in detail about OKM’s music Purple Haze: The Psychedelic Sound of Nuclear Deterrence 

Image: close up of dials, on RCA Victor all transistor, combination record player c1955.

Fylingdales Archive: FA0192.


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