Moorestown, New Jersey

The BMEWS system design, development, management, and implementation was contracted by the United States Air Force in 1958 to Radio Corporation of America (RCA), with headquarters for the BMEWS project at RCA’s Missile and Surface Radar Division at Moorestown, N.J.

The Moorestown site was where RCA developed their radar programmes and the first ever BMEWS prototype tracker radar AN/FPS -49 and radome were installed. Locally, (as was the case with RAF Fylingdales) it became known as “The Golf Ball”, visible from New Jersey Turnpike one of the busiest highways in America.

Today the Moorestown, N.J site is owned and run by defence contractor Lockheed Martin, the BMEWS radar no longer exists.

The contract for the operations of the three BMEWS sites was also RCA, specifically RCA Service Company, with headquarters at Cherry Hill, N.J., and project office at Riverton, N.J.

Today the contract for operations at RAF Fylingdales is held by SERCO, the company originated from RCA Service Company, in 1987 RCA underwent a management buyout and the company renamed as SERCO (service company).

Fylingdales Archive holds material from RCA Missile and Surface Radar Division, Moorestown, N.J. including black and white photos, documents and operating manuals. And SERCO staff collections of images, company magazines and administration documents.




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